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Probiotics and prebiotics


In the gastrointestinal tract of humans is home to over 400 different microorganisms. They get there right after the birth of their host and begin to actively proliferate.

Grebiotiki and probiotikiBifidobakterii, lactobacilli and E. coli – beneficial microorganisms.



Many processes for the production of energy in the body is the oxidation reaction. Oxygen using enzymes to oxidize fats, proteins and carbohydrates, releasing energy from them. However, the processes of oxidation – a chain reaction in which so-called free radicals – highly reactive capable of “fragments” of molecules.



Bioflavonoids (they are collectively called vitamin P) – plant compounds found in fruits, flowers and stems of various plants, especially citrus and Rosaceae. In nature, these compounds often work pigments, coloring yellow.

Water-soluble vitamins


Vitamins are dissolved in water and food coming from directly in the blood, called water-soluble. They do not accumulate in the tissues and sufficiently rapidly cleared from the body. On the one hand, these properties allow you to avoid excess in the body, on the other – the resulting deficit is constantly replaced.