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Water-soluble vitamins


Vitamins are dissolved in water and food coming from directly in the blood, called water-soluble. They do not accumulate in the tissues and sufficiently rapidly cleared from the body. On the one hand, these properties allow you to avoid excess in the body, on the other – the resulting deficit is constantly replaced.

Fat-soluble vitamins


Fat-soluble vitamins a person receives from products of vegetable and animal origin. Those that contain natural oils and fats. Some vitamins of this group – powerful antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals.

Vitamin P, in which foods contain vitamin P, the role and importance of vitamin P, lack and excess vitamin P


Vitamin P – (rutin, citrine, catechins, hesperidin, etc..) Is a set of compounds called bioflavonoids. These water-soluble substances of plant origin are very important for our health. Most often, when people talk about vitamin P, mean citrine and rutin. We’ll talk about bioflavonoids in general; they are also called bioflavinami, flavonoids, etc.



Vitamins (lat. Vita life + amines) – low molecular weight organic compounds of different chemical nature, it is absolutely necessary for normal functioning of organisms. Are essential nutrients, because except nicotinic acid they are not synthesized by the human body and comes mainly composed food.