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Dietary fiber: the characteristics and consequences of deficiency in the body


In the diagnosis of K. Franz Mayr has among other things extremely simple, but it is a reliable indicator of the state of human health – the quality of the chair. In its formation the leading role belongs to the diet, which should contribute to the formation of a regular, well-formed soft stool in large volumes, making unnecessary laxatives to avoid the appearance of being overweight.

Dietary fiber – not the ballast!


Vital “ballast”
In the food contains substances that are involved in metabolism, give you energy and are going to build its tissues. This “nutrients” proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts. But apart from these, there are food and so-called “roughage”, which are not utilized by the body and, as it was believed for a long time, like and do not need it at all.