Dietary fiber – not the ballast!


Vital “ballast”
In the food contains substances that are involved in metabolism, give you energy and are going to build its tissues. This “nutrients” proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts. But apart from these, there are food and so-called “roughage”, which are not utilized by the body and, as it was believed for a long time, like and do not need it at all.
It turned out that the rough components of plant foods we do not just need, as vital. This “ballast” to protect us from a variety of adverse factors and serves as “food” for beneficial intestinal microflora.
Ballast substances necessary for zdorovyaK dietary fibers include cellulose, or cellulose, pectin, lignin and certain other complex carbohydrate compound. Contains dietary fiber in foods of plant origin, cabbage, radishes, carrots, apples (especially in the skin), legumes, etc. ..
The main “supplier” of vegetable fiber in the human diet are cereals. Especially cereals, as bread – a product that is used in food every day and never get bored.
Fiber, as well as other biologically active substances needed by the body for health, a lot of whole-grain cereals, bread from wheat flour.
Recent studies have identified the true role of dietary fiber in the body. They enhance intestinal peristalsis, thereby contributing to its evacuation, help the digestive system cleaned of toxins, as well as serve as “food” for the intestinal bacteria – our “little helpers”.

To a large extent the process of “fast-track” due to the fact that dietary fiber, absorbing water, increase the volume and mass of intestinal contents and accelerate its passage through the colon. Those who do not include in your diet foods containing dietary fiber, usually suffer atoniej intestines. In the intestine, dietary fiber bind cholesterol and deduce its excess from the body. This helps to prevent atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, the development of which is the role of excess cholesterol.

Important value of roughage and in the prevention of gallstones, because of cholesterol in the gallbladder can form stones. Furthermore, dietary fibers inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine, the excess of which overdrive pancreas, and thereby reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
Whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits containing dietary fiber, bulky, so dishes made from them, quickly causing a feeling of satiety. At the same time, they are low-calorie, and this is especially important for people who are overweight and full-bodied.
Thus, dietary fiber – not the ballast, they are necessary for our body!
A little history:
* In Russia, always said: “Kalac bread is not a replacement.” Today, we know – for white high-quality flour from grain stands out pure starch – easily digestible by our digestive system carbohydrate Dummy – product, the biological value of which is equal to zero, if only because of simple carbohydrates in the diet of modern man is more than enough.
* At the end of the 19th century, when the production of white refined flour began to take industrial scale, the use of white flour baking food during fasts were strictly forbidden, and amounted to a grave sin. In fact, white flour officially equated to “Skoromnov” (from the old-Russian “soon” – fat – fatty foods of animal origin) products – the most difficult to digest food and polluting the body’s own decay.
* In 1917, Denmark due to lack of bread beginning bake it wholemeal (to maximize use of the available grain) with the addition of bran from the feed stocks, as a result, the death rate in the country decreased by 17%.

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