Fats called trans fats that contain trans fatty acids. These fats of vegetable origin, which, by chemical reaction, the structure of the molecule. They are found in low-cost alternatives to butter, spreads (the so-called soft butter – a mixture of vegetable and dairy fat), margarines and confectionery fats.

Transfats. GamburgerPischevoy industry requires large quantities of fat that should be stored for a long time and to melt at a certain temperature, but cheaper butter and vegetable possess beneficial properties.

These products are made from cheap vegetable oils. To make the oil is a solid, it is subjected to hydrogenation – saturated with hydrogen at high temperature.

During this process, approximately 30 percent of the molecules change their configuration, becoming trans isomers.

We modified molecular structure does not correspond to natural analogues, therefore fully participate in the metabolism they can not. Crude trans accumulate in the body and interfere with the absorption of essential fatty acids.

Excess trans fats can lead to deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls, and atherosclerosis. According to studies, an overabundance of trans fats in the body reduces the efficiency of the immune system and may even provoke cancer.

Trans fats are in products which contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats. Most trans fats contained in the dishes fast food chains (fast food), which are used in the production of the cheapest substitutes natural oils.

According to various sources, in a portion of French fries modified molecules from 30 to 40 percent. The same amount of trans fats can be found in pastries made using cooking oil and cocoa butter substitutes.

Trans fats are found in natural products. In vegetable oils, they are about 1 percent, cream – 4.8, and in animal fats – 10 percent.

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