Vitamins (lat. Vita life + amines) – low molecular weight organic compounds of different chemical nature, it is absolutely necessary for normal functioning of organisms. Are essential nutrients, because except nicotinic acid they are not synthesized by the human body and comes mainly composed food.

Vitamin Unlike all other essential nutrients (essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc.), vitamins do not have plastic properties and are not used by the body as an energy source. By participating in a variety of chemical reactions, they have a regulating effect on the metabolism and thus ensure the normal course of almost all biochemical and physiological processes in the body.

We should remember that vitamins are sold in pharmacies are the same drugs, as well as any other medications, and may be used only when prescribed by your doctor, based on the results of the sufficient objective clinical and laboratory diagnosis, and strictly in accordance with this doctor dosage .

Normal balanced diet provides the body completely with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and additional intake of vitamin pills and dietary supplements for most people not only do not need, but even safe!

In particular, the use of multivitamins during fetal development and early childhood increases the risk of allergic reactions, causing a change in the immune status. As a result, long-term studies conducted in the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, after studying a large number of histories of both healthy and diseased, it was found that people whose mothers had used multivitamins during pregnancy or gestation who received them under the age of six months, a significantly increased risk of asthma; the use of vitamin preparations at the age of three years does not affect the rate, but increases the incidence of food allergies. So these studies confirmed once again for a long time known truth: “The road is paved with food allergies multivitamins.”

Acquiring vitamin supplements, consider a significant difference in the interests of those who produce and sell using to maximize sales very convincing, picturesquely developed advertising, and those who buy them for themselves or for their children.

Especially dangerous overdose, up to the most severe consequences of fat-soluble vitamins!

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