Water is essential for the human body is not less than the food. All processes are therein only in the presence of the substance. In the muscles of water on the composition of the three quarters, in the blood of more than 92 percent, and the bones – 22 percent.

In this case, synthesized from other substances the body can only 12 percent of its water.

For the proper functioning of the adult human body requires about two liters of water per day. During heat or intense physical exertion the body rapidly loses water through sweat. For example, an hour of sports training at a temperature of 20-25 degrees above zero can lose 1.5-2 liters of water.

Losses need to be replaced. Since even a slight dehydration slows down the metabolism. Sweet drinks to quench your thirst is not, moreover, they are quite high in calories.

Nutritionists recommend drinking brackish dining room or a simple drinking water.

They also believe that you should drink water at room temperature. Very cold water brings a feeling of freshness, but nevertheless dramatically slows the metabolism of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is not recommended to drink a lot during the meal. The water reduces the concentration of gastric juice decreases, and the rate of digestion of food.

Despite the fact that many experts on fitness and nutritionists suggest to use a day as much water need to drink as much as the body needs. That is, until there is a sensation of thirst and fluid intake does not cause a diuretic effect. And do not forget that up to 40 percent of the daily requirement of water a person gets from food.

Excess water causes leaching of minerals from the body. Their disadvantage against the backdrop of an overabundance of water can be determined by general weakness, convulsions and cardiac disorders.

Most of the water is found in milk, some fruits and vegetables – up to 90 percent. About 70 percent of the water containing fresh meat and fish. In the bread – 35-40 percent. Less water in cereal products, pasta and legumes – to 16 percent.

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